Performance-based Communication and Surveillance (PBCS)


The Performance-based communication and surveillance (PBCS) concept provides a framework for managing performance of the communication and surveillance aspects of air traffic management (ATM) with a purpose of ensuring that emerging technologies for communication and surveillance that are designed to support ATM operations are implemented and operated safely. PBCS involves globally coordinated and accepted specifications for RSP and RCP, comprised of allocated criteria for the components of the communication and surveillance systems involved, i.e. aircraft system, aircraft operator, air navigation service provider (ANSP), satellite service provider (SSP)/communication service provider (CSP).


In November of 2016, amendments to the following International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) annexes and documents incorporated provisions for the application of PBCS:



There are two lettes (in addition to the list above) which confirm additional functions of the RMA, as agreed by EANPG and RASG-EUR: