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Instructions for Operators

In here(rus) is an Instruction for Operators who wish to obtain Height Monitoring Service using GMU equipment


Altimery System Error (ASE) Discription

In here(rus) you can find the nature of Altimery System Error.

In here(rus) you can find the most popular reasons of Altimery System Error appearance.


GPS Monitoring Unit

The GPS Monitoring Unit (GMU) is a carry-on system placed on an aircraft for a single flight. Its main advantage is the ability to monitor an individual aircraft during normal operations without the need to fly in a particular portion of airspace, with the exception that operations must be conducted in ECAC airspace. Data files from a GMU have to be post processed in order to extract height keeping performance data. After processing(eng), the RMA will credit the results to the operator/airframe.

GMU Operations are conducted by an independent contractor and there is a charge for the service.