Approval Process for RVSM Operation

           Only RVSM-approved aircraft shall be issued an air traffic control clearance to enter the Eurasia RVSM airspace. Non-RVSM- approved State aircraft shall be issued a clearance to enter the Eurasia RVSM airspace as well.

           Airworthiness approval must in all cases be in accordance with the requirements of the RVSM MASPS.

           RVSM approval issued for one region will always be valid for RVSM operations in another region provided that specific operational approval is not required. It may be necessary for an operator to hold a separate RVSM-specific operational approval in addition to an RVSM airworthiness approval to operate in RVSM airspace. The operational procedures that an operator may need to adopt for such airspace where RVSM is applied, including advice on the material that may need to be submitted for review by the authority responsible.

           The aircraft intended to operate in the RVSM airspace has to be approved by appropriate State. The primary responsibility for confirmation of the approval status of an aircraft/operator must rest with the State of the Operator/State of Registry.

           The State Authority establishes the aircraft approval confirmation process.

           Currently in Russian Federation the aircraft approval process is defined by the following documents:

      1. SСAA of Russia Chief’s letter about the cancellation of the Manual on the Approval of aircraft and operators for flight in European airspace between FL 290 and FL 410 inclusive where a 300 m (1 000 ft) Vertical Separation Minimum is applied
      2. SСAA of Russia Deputy Chief’s letter about the adjustment of the procedure of the approval of aircraft and operators for RVSM operations
      3. Federal Aviation Rules “An individual aircraft. Certification requirements and procedures” - 132
      4. Federal Aviation Rules “Certification requirements for individuals and entities that are commercial air transport operators. Certification procedures.”
      5. The requirements for the organization of monitoring the height-keeping performance of aircraft operating in the Russian Federation RVSM airspace. (parts: 1.2.6., 4.1.2.)


           Procedures for applying for the approval of aircraft for flight in RVSM airspace and  procedures for aircraft approval  in Russian Federation are derived from the appropriate Rosaviatsia requirements.  However it should be noted to the Russian operators, that:

      1. RMA EURASIA only accepts aircraft and operators approvals data from the State authority  (Rosaviatsia).
      2. According to The Requirements Section 1.2.6. Russian operators should  complete an RMA F2 and  send it to  Rosaviatsia together with the documents required for an approval. Here you can download Form RMA F2 and Notes to aid completion of Form RMA F2 completing. For completion of the field "Mode S aircraft address" in the Form RMA F2 you can use converter.